walking past your crush

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”You don’t need to give reasons for the things you do- you just have to do what you want. And sometimes the thing that seems messed up to everyone else is what’s right for you. You have to do it and not be ashamed of it.”


either that was a firework or another tribute is dead 

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the worst part of getting out of bed is losing all the heat you had built up




white people talking about other ethnicities be like

white people talking about themselves be like


"This homework is optional but you should do it for practice"



in movies, whenever a hot guy fake-flirts with an “ugly” girl and she gets all flustered, it’s intended to be a funny joke and make u think the girl is pathetic for believing such an attractive man could be interested in her. ur supposed to hate the girl.

but whenever a hot girl fake-flirts with an ugly guy and he gets all flustered, it’s intended to make u feel bad for the guy and think the girl is a Bitch. ur supposed to hate the girl.

ur always supposed to hate the girl.

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